Mar 6, 2022
The Storer’s
Series: Topical
Luke & Bethanie Storer 
  • Mar 6, 2022The Storer’s
    Mar 6, 2022
    The Storer’s
    Series: Topical
    Luke & Bethanie Storer 
  • Feb 27, 2022Let It Shine
    Feb 27, 2022
    Let It Shine
    Series: Topical
    Let It Shine
    Matthew 5:13-16
    Matthew 28:19-20 Matthew 5:13-16 1. Be attractive by living the Beatitudes v.13 2. Influence culture through a pure life v.13 3. Be distinct by letting Christ shine through your life v.14-16
  • Feb 20, 2022The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt.2
    Feb 20, 2022
    The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt.2
    Series: Topical
    The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt.2 
    Matthew 5:7-10
    God Blesses His Disciples ... 
    1, Who are compassionate
    2. Who are full of integrity 
    3. Who are ambassadors of reconciliation 
    4. Who are devoted no matter the cost 
  • Feb 13, 2022Marriage in a … Real World
    Feb 13, 2022
    Marriage in a … Real World
    Series: Topical
    Marriage in a ... Real World 
    Pastor Brent and Amy answering some questions about Marriage: 
    1.   Could you explain the process of how a husband or wife lead in his or her role in marriage according to God’s word? Please give practical examples of what that looks like daily for a husband and wife.
    2.   How does one overcome negative thoughts or feelings about one’s spouse?
    3.   How do you deal with anger in a marriage? Whether your angry at your spouse or someone/something else, how do you not take your anger out on your spouse?

    4.   What are some biblical solutions for working through conflict in marriage?


    5.   What are the key(s) to making a marriage last?

  • Feb 6, 2022The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt. 1
    Feb 6, 2022
    The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt. 1
    Series: Topical
    The Journey | Becoming a Disciple Pt.1
    Matthew 5:1-6
    God Blesses His Disciples... 
    1. Who are utterly dependent upon Him
    2. Who are contrite
    3. Who are humble
    4. Who earnestly desire His standards  
  • Jan 30, 2022The Anonymous Gift
    Jan 30, 2022
    The Anonymous Gift
    Series: Topical
    The Anonymous Gift Matthew 6:1-4, 19-24
    1. Anonymous giving advances the kingdom of God v.1-4
    Acts 4:32-37, 5:1-10
    1. Anonymous giving invests in eternity v.19-20
    2 Cor. 9:6-11
    1. Anonymous giving fosters spiritual health & freedom v.21-24
  • Jan 23, 2022The Secret Place
    Jan 23, 2022
    The Secret Place
    Series: Topical
    The Secret Place Matthew 6:5-15 Introduction V. 5-15 Our Prayers should seek... 1. An audience with our Father in Heaven 2. God’s will to be accomplished on earth 3. God’s provision for today 4. God’s forgiveness so we can forgive others 5. God’s deliverance from temptation
  • Jan 16, 2022Relax
    Jan 16, 2022
    Series: Topical
    Relax Matthew 6:25-33   Introduction Make new habits…
    • Obvious
    • Attractive
    • Easy
    • Satisfying
    1. Anxiety & worry reveal the false beliefs in your heart v.25-27
    1. You are God’s valued possession…trust Him v.28-32
    1. When Jesus is king of your heart, you can relax v.33-34
  • Jan 9, 2022Small Changes…Big Results
    Jan 9, 2022
    Small Changes…Big Results
    Series: Topical
    Small Changes…Big Results 1 Corinthians 9:24-27   SMART Goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Time-based
    Proverbs 10:17 2 Timothy 1:7 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 NLT 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Message Translation   Habits compound over time   Atomic Habits by James Clear
    • Winners and losers have the same goals
    • Achieving a goal is only a momentary change
    • Goals restrict your happiness 
    • Goals are at odds with long-term progress
    Habits are formed over time through…
    • Cues 
    • Craving 
    • Response 
    • Reward 
    1. Make small habits obvious & bad habits invisible
    1. Make small habits attractive & bad habits unattractive
    1. Make small habits easy and bad habits difficult
    1. Make small habits satisfying and bad habits unsatisfying
  • Jan 2, 2022What Are Your Priorities?
    Jan 2, 2022
    What Are Your Priorities?
    Series: Topical
    What Are Your Priorities?
    Luke 2:40-52
    1. Is your priority to steward God's Promise?
    2. What is the Father's will?
    1. To grow in each area of our life
    2. To center our life around the Father's perspective
    3. To be faithful in the mundane