Our Mission & Vision

At Radiant Springs Church we believe we exist to lead, love and connect people to a life-changing relationship with Christ.



  • Healthy Families – We envision families that are rooted in the Biblical values of love, reconciliation, discipline, strength, structure, respect and honor.
  • Excellence and Integrity – We envision a welcoming environment where people can experience God.
  • Reconciliation – We envision leading with Biblical wisdom and creative solutions that promote forgiveness, healing, restoration and unity.



  • Missional – We envision a church that intentionally pursues all people with grace, compassion, and hope.
  • Passionate involvement – We envision a place where people can discover their strengths to serve God and their community with purpose.
  • Fellowship – We envision authentic relationships that provide support, encouragement and accountability. (united under a common purpose)


Connect to a Life-Changing Relationship with Christ

  • God’s Word is powerful – We envision lives changed as people discover and engage with the timeless and unchanging principles of God’s word.
  • Prayer is foundational – We envision people developing an intimate relationship with God through a life of prayer.
  • Spirit Empowered – We envision a people empowered by the Holy Spirit to live boldly and minister effectively for Christ.

What we believe:

Please download our full doctrinal statement.